Here comes the sun…

What is that? Is it a cat? a fur? a piece of driftwood? Would you have guessed an Eastern Grey squirrel?

Eastern Grey Squirrel

And if you guessed that it is sun tanning itself on one of our lawn chairs, then you’re 2 for 2.

Eastern Grey Squirrel on our lawn chair.

Many of you probably also have a pet that suntans itself. Look familiar?

This is Sandy, our 10 year old poodle mix tanning (probably enjoying it more because of her recent hair cut).

Maybe you or someone you know suntans or you have seen people suntan:

Lots of people suntanning.

and the squirrel’s pose reminds you of yourself or someone you have seen suntan. You may have even seen a pet in a swimsuit.

Dog in lifejacket.

But is the squirrel really SUNTANNING? Isn’t it a functional choice dictated by millions of years of evolution? Maybe related to keeping warm and getting as much vitamin D3 as possible? Do we see things that aren’t necessarily there because of our tendency to associate with our prior experience? And doesn’t that also apply in reverse – when others view us?

Florida Squirrel in shoes with walker.



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