Strange days and how to face them…

It’s probably true that every generation can talk about the unprecedented events of their time.
People used to fear comets…
…apparently we still do. Deep Impact. $10 USD from Amazon.
Given the current headlines, our time appears to be no exception.

And when things are unprecedented, there is inevitably a degree of uncertainty. And when things are uncertain, there is inevitably a degree of trepidation, if not outright fear.  And for each fear, there is a corresponding amount of preparation we invest to mitigate the perceived risks. Fear of a sudden weather phenomenon:

Thunder and lightning

Leads to umbrellas:


Savile. $350 USD from Davek. Seriously.


Fear of poor health:

HDL is the “good” cholesterol. LDL is the “bad” cholesterol. So I don’t actually understand this picture.

Leads to exercise:

Elliptical EFX833 by Precor. $1,400 USD from Amazon.
Fear of aliens:

 Leads to walls:

Border Wall. Cost TBD. Seriously.
Recently, a BBC Korean political analyst, Robert Kelly, was interrupted by his kids, Marion and James, during a live TV interview. Hilarity ensued:

Which begs the question – what is the value of spontaneity? Are surprises good? On the other hand, is it always best to stop, think, act and reflect? If Marion had stopped to consider the consequences of bursting into her Dad’s office, wouldn’t millions of people have been robbed of those moments of pure joy?

Pure joy. Cost: Free. From: Spontaneity.
Having said that, there seems to be a perception that balance is a good thing. Mace Windu thought so:
Balance isn’t likely one thing or another, e.g. positive or negative. But is it equal portions of both?

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