Sunny Side Up

6 am. I couldn’t sleep in – I wanted to, but I couldn’t. Maybe I was still recovering from daylight saving time, or maybe it was because we had gone to bed at 10 the night before. So there I was, laying in bed, not able to fall back into sleep, debating about getting up. And then a couple of ideas coalesced into something like a balloon to lift my head and shoulders up, followed by my legs swinging themselves over the side of the bed.

Idea #1 – [insert your own personal anxieties here, they’re all pretty much variations of the same themes – family, health, money, work, etc.]

Idea #2 – make scones!

So I make my way downstairs, turning on the stairway light so I don’t trip and break something (myself included) and then turning it off when I got to the bottom so I don’t waste electricity (don’t even get me started about hydro bills!) and shuffle into the kitchen…

…where I am joined by Sandy. Sandy is a 10-year old small poodle mix who still acts like a puppy (entirely my fault) and can whine like a steamwhistle whenever she detects even the slightest possibility of going for a walk (eternally optimistic). Sandy casually stretches her hind legs, one at a time, stretches her neck forward, and then does the downward dog. She is wearing the thick purple vest she loves. She’s surprised to see me and wags her tail slowly, expecting to be entertained.

So I ignore Sandy entirely and putter around the kitchen cabinet to get the ingredients for the scones. As you probably have guessed, I put all the dry ingredients together, using this recipe, grate the butter into the mixing bowl, knead it all together until it’s coarse, only to realize…

…we’re out of eggs!

Thankfully my wife is up, googles a substitute and says, “Use flax seeds”. There is no chance I’m going to use flax seeds. Then she says, “Use a banana”. A banana? A second time, “Use a banana”. Yes, after 20 years, I still haven’t learned my lesson – my wife is ALWAYS right. So I peel the overripe banana and mash it together with a 0% fat substitute for the 30% fat sour cream called for by the recipe and the raison d’etre for this blog…

SKYR yogurt

Loblaws President’s Choice (PC) SKYR Yogurt, Plain

My wife discovered it a few months ago and we were lucky to discover that our closest supermarket not only carries it, but also has its own label of it. It is so thick you can spoon it up, turn the spoon upside down, and not drop any. My wife loves it. I’m getting there.

The dough is stickier than normal, but still holds its shape well. It cuts into perfect triangles. I bake them for the usual 15 minutes. I take them out and they’re brown on top. Knife comes out clean. But my wife says they’re underbaked. So back they go twice for a total baking time of 30 minutes – twice as long as normal and very brown on top.


My wife has one. She says they don’t have the usual biscuit texture of scones but she likes them. A couple of hours later when I’m in the office looking for something to eat, I break off a piece of scone and take a bite.

Oh my…the crust of the scone has a touch of sweetness to it, and the inside is cakey goodness with the perfect amount of banana flavour. It’s not a heavy banana bread, and it’s not a flaky scone, each of which has its particular moments.

It’s so good I feel compelled to start my first blog and tell the Internet.

Are you listening Internet?

Banana Skyr Scones! Try them.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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